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Mothership first arrived to Earth in 2013, making contact in the Pacific Northwest. Their team of glass artists and crew constantly pushes boundaries to make creations that combine beauty and sophistication with functional art.

Captain Scott Deppe has been a pioneer in the functional glass art scene for three decades, bringing an artistic vision to glassblowing that parallels that of influential artists of other media. Adept at evolving techniques, he quickly mastered traditional moves like Reticellos and disk flips and innovated techniques of his own to achieve alien function and incorporate intricate detail and sacred geometry into his glass work. Most recently, his exploration has culminated in silver and gold fumed Hologram glass that transforms finished pieces into deep illustrative tapestries.

In love with R&D, Mothership is continuously revisiting our methods to realize futuristic glass now. Pursuing and combining various techniques, they strive to make each piece a unique gem for your collection that can be enjoyed for years to come.
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