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Terp Towers


Created by Vancouver artist JS Glass, the Terp Tower is an innovative evolution of the pillars we use in Slurpers!

Here is some information from his website:

“Made of high quality GE214 Grade Quartz, the Terp Tower design has increased surface area and adapted airflow allowing air in and around the Tower. This increases the rate of vaporization inside the chamber, while also reducing splash compared to a traditional pillar. Made of either three or four individual rods welded together at the tips, each Tower has a comparable if not greater mass to a traditional pillar design, but can increase surface area by over 100%! (See Image 4).

This all contributes to a much more efficient vaporization inside your slurper, with your liquid maintaining constant exposure to the heated surface and utilizing the increased surface area and mass of the Terp Tower design.

Which Terp Tower is best for my slurper?

Because the Tower design allows for airflow in/around it, you are able to size up your Tower closer to the inner dimension of your slurper without creating extra splash/bouncing issues.

The average slurper has an inner diameter of 10mm for the stem/barrel section. But some companies Slurpers may have a small lip weld where this section is connected, so be aware to pick the best size based off of your individual Slurper!

  • A 4x 2mm Tower is best in all mini Slurpers with a narrower bore.
  • A 4x 2.5mm Tower is a safe universal option or for Slurpers with a restricted lip weld.
  • A 4x 3mm Tower is for use in Slurpers with a minimal to no lip weld.
Weight .085 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12.1 cm
Choose an option

4x 2mm (1mm/15mm), 4x 2.5 (1mm/15mm), 4x 3 (1mm/15mm), 4x 2mm (1mm/20mm), 4x 2.5 (1mm/20mm), 4x 3 (1mm/20mm), 4x 2mm (1mm/40mm), 4x 2.5 (1mm/40mm), 4x 3 (1mm/40mm)

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